4 Benefits of Buying Oil Filters and Other Mercedes Parts From a Dealer

It's recommended that you replace your Mercedes oil filter after every 10,000 miles, or every time you have an oil change. For the engine of your Mercedes Benz to run at peak capacity, you need to replace the oil filter with genuine Mercedes oil filters from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Here’s why you should buy oil filters and other car accessories from a Mercedes Benz auto parts wholesale dealer.


You want to buy the genuine replacement filters for your Mercedes because a low-grade oil filter is as useless as the worn-out filter. If the filter can’t keep your oil clean even when driving on rough terrains, you’ll be doing your Mercedes Benz a great disservice. If you take good care of your engine, you’ll enjoy the top performance from your Mercedes for a longer time. Buying Mercedes Benz OEM parts will ensure that you fit your Benz with genuine replacement parts. Typically, Mercedes Benz vehicles are rock-solid and built to last longer. For this reason, you should only install genuine Mercedes oil filters and other replacement parts. Genuine OEM parts will enhance and maintain the quality of your already superior Mercedes Benz.

Warranty on OEM Parts

You’ll enjoy manufacturer’s warranty when you buy Mercedes oil filters and other Mercedes Benz OEM parts. A manufacturer’s warranty will be a strong selling point, especially if you own a retail shop for Mercedes parts. You’ll have more credibility in your market, and more customers looking for genuine Mercedes Benz parts and oil filters will flock your shop. If you’re buying replacement parts for your vehicle, you have the confidence that your Mercedes Benz parts are of the highest quality. Most auto insurance companies might not process your claim if you used non-OEM replacement parts for your Mercedes. Additionally, if you’re a dealer, or operate on an online repair shop, you want to pass down the warranty to your customers.

Cost Advantage

You’ll get the most competitive prices of Mercedes oil filters from Mercedes Benz auto parts wholesale dealer. Because Mercedes Benz dealers buy replacement parts in bulk, they may enjoy better prices that they pass down to their customers. Buying wholesale auto parts from a Mercedes Benz part dealer will give you more value for money. Additionally, when you buy your Mercedes parts from the wholesale dealer, you get the right parts for the specific model of Mercedes. This will save you from huge repair costs that you would incur, had you bought the cheap aftermarket Mercedes parts.

Easy to Shop

Today, you’ll find Mercedes Benz accessories online within a click of a button. Most dealers have made it easy to shop for Mercedes Benz parts, including oil filters online. Using their user-friendly search tools, you’ll find the specific Mercedes Benz part that you need by simply searching using your car’s model number. The last thing you want is to buy the wrong oil filter or Mercedes spark plugs because they’ll bring your car more harm than good. Because you can find Mercedes Benz auto parts wholesale dealers online, it’s easier to give feedback regarding the quality of the auto parts. This will help the Mercedes Benz parts dealers to improve the quality of their services and parts, so that next time you shop from them, you’ll be a happier customer.

Whether you’re buying an oil filter, brake pads, spark plugs, or other Mercedes Benz parts, shopping from a dealer will give you quality and cost advantages. Mercedes Benz’s market value continues to increase, having been valued at $23.36 billion in 2019. Therefore, you should ensure that you get the best quality of Mercedes parts for your customers.