3 High Tech Accessories For Your Mercedes Benz B-Class

When you purchased your Mercedes B-Class vehicle manufactured in one of the 30 countries around the world, you were making an investment to last you for years to come. With its high seating, flashy interior, and smooth design, this vehicle is head and shoulders above the competition. You can make your vehicle even more incredible with high tech car accessories. Here are three amazing high tech Mercedes-Benz accessories online for the B-Class vehicle that you’ll definitely want to have.

Mercedes Benz Drive Kit

The Mercedes Benz Drive Ki is an on-board interface that uses a Digital DriveStyle app you can download for your iPhone or Android device. The drive kit can perform a wide range of functions. It will show you real-time traffic data and navigation. You can also play songs from your phone and social media posts from your family and friends are read out loud to you. It will tell you how fast you are going and tell your family and friends when you’re expected to arrive. You can handle a variety of tasks all while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Rear Seat Entertainment System

Another one of the best Mercedes Benz accessories online is the rear seat entertainment system. It will definitely keep your children or other passengers entertained during a long drive. It features a DVD system that lets you watch movies, look at pictures, or play video games on two screens. The monitors can easily be removed with one click. It also comes with a remote control and two sets of infrared headphones.


QUICKPARK features ultrasonic sensors that will warn you of any obstacles in your way when you’re trying to park. An audible signal lets you know it’s in operation when the ignition switch is on and the reverse gear is engaged. If you combine this technology with available reversing cameras, you can rest assured that your car will be safe parallel parking and backing up in busy parking lots.

You can find these high tech Mercedes Benz accessories online through an authorized dealer. Compare prices to get the best deal. Certified technicians are available at authorized dealers to install your new Mercedes Benz parts. Personalize your car with the best Mercedes Benz auto parts with these high tech upgrades today.